Relieving Constipation – Many Ways to Do It

I had constipation ever since I was a child. I didn’t know it, though, until when at the age of 20, my dietician informed me that not having a bowel movement at least 3 times a week is the very definition of constipation.

Ever since that day, I tried almost every possible way of relieving constipation there is. For example, Tuina:

I have learned what works, and what doesn’t work, up to today, when I don’t suffer at all from constipation anymore. Finding ways of relieving constipation was for a very long time a part of my daily life. Things I tried worked for a while, and then stopped working, and I had to figure out why and find new ways.

This website is about relieving constipation and is for all the people who have constipation, even if you are not suffering from it, like I didn’t suffer from it for a very long while (and didn’t even know I had it!). Even if you are not suffering from it, relieving constipation is important. Constipation has many undesirable side effects, some of which, I bet, you don’t even know are related to having constipation. For example, I didn’t know that my mouth sores are a direct result of constipation. You may also be surprised to know that constipation can cause hair loss, and of course, many rectal related illnesses, such as hemorrhoids.

After many tries and years, I can honestly say that relieving constipation is really not a problem. It’s not even that hard, once you know what to do. Most of the ways I found for relieving constipation are easy, some are even fun! Among the ways for relieving constipation were: receiving abdominal Shiatsu or Swedish massage, different types of easy exercises and really tasty foods. Since finding out how to solve this problem took me a very long time, and I had to spend money and effort, I decided I want to share my experience, in hopes it will help you in relieving constipation too.

I hope that you will check out the methods I found of relieving constipation, because it can honestly change your life around. This constipation relief exerice changed mine.