Foods that Cause Constipation

Many different things can cause constipation, among them are the medicines we take, the amount of stress we have in our lives, and hormonal changes, like the ones women experience during a pregnancy. None the less, one of the more prominent reasons for constipation is foods. Without even knowing it, most of the foods that cause constipation are the foods and drinks we consume daily. It’s the foods and drinks we love and usually will be reluctant to give up, that cause stool to harden and constipation to occur.

Among the foods that cause constipation are all the foods that are low in fiber and high in fat. Drinks that have caffeine, like tea, coffee, Red bull, coke and all other soda drinks, also cause constipation. Consumption of Red bull, for example, can lead to constipation, because the drink’s high caffeine content can slow down and interrupt digestion, and the diuretic affect can result in harder stool. Alcohol can also cause constipation, since it increases the amount of liquid in the urine– thus hardening the stool. The key to drinking and eating foods that cause constipation is: small portions.

The list of foods that cause constipation:
• All fat meats, such as pork and beef
• Processed foods: all the frozen dinners we buy in the supermarket, instant mashed potatoes and lasagna style dinners
• All foods that have a lot of white flour: cakes, cookies and pies, bread and pasta
• Dairy products such as :Cheese, milk and ice cream
• Fried foods such as chips and French fries

Probably everybody likes some or maybe even all of these foods that cause constipation, unfortunatly. The question is then, since we all eat at least some of these foods some of the time, why aren’t we all constipated? The answer is – a. everybody gets constipated from time to time and b. Since human beings are different from one another, the amount of foods that cause constipation that they can consume without suffering from constipation varies. But no matter how much of these you eat, the important thing is to remember to balance your diet between foods that cause constipation and foods that prevent constipation.

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