Diet for Constipation

There are some foods that can help relieve constipation, and there are other foods that will cause constipation or worsen an existing condition. However, if you have been trying to make adjustments to your diet in order to improve bowel movements, and have not yet succeeded, you might want to go on a special diet for constipation in adults.

Diet for constipation in adults – #1 suggestion

Bread (10 grams of fiber):

· 4 slices of whole-wheat bread

· 1 bran muffin

Cereal (15 grams of fiber):

· 1 cup of Bran Flakes

· 1/2 cup of Fiber One

Fruit (10 grams of fiber):

· 1 medium apple

· 1 medium banana

· 1/2 medium grapefruit

· 1 cup of strawberries

Diet for constipation in adults – #2 suggestion

Beans (15 grams of fiber):

· 1/2 cup of chickpeas

· 1 cup of baked beans

Vegetables (10 grams of fiber):

· 1/2 cup of asparagus

· 1 medium carrot

· 1/2 cup of canned corn

· 1 cup of iceberg lettuce

· 1 small tomato

· 1 medium baked potato (without skin)

Rice (5 grams of fiber):

· 2 cups of brown rice

Nuts (5 grams of fiber):

· 20 whole pecans

You should expect to see results within 24 to 36 hours from the time you begin your diet. Keep in mind that constipation is a vicious cycle: the longer you go without bowel movements, the more your stool hardens. This in turn makes it harder for you to have a bowel movement. After the initial relief, the next time should be easier.

In some cases, laxatives and additional constipation relief massage may be required in order to achieve desired results.