Home Remedies for Constipation

Why home remedies for constipation?

Many people suffer from constipation in modern times. Some of the causes for constipation are attributed to modern day life – the stress, the need to get ahead in your studies, work and love life. The need for instant gratification leads us to seek cure for problems in medication, medical treatments and other measures that assure us quick relief.

Since taking medication means taking the risk of side effects, and medical procedures are invasive, people often turn to home remedies for constipation. Some of these home remedies for constipation were passed on to us from our grandmothers, and we learned of their effectiveness at a young age. Others we try because we know that if it doesn’t help, it will not harm either. This, along with the alternative of invasive procedures or the risk of laxative abuse, makes trying home remedies for constipation first, the logical thing to do.

Trying to choose the best home remedies for constipation?

You will find a very long list of home remedies for constipation. So long, that a person trying to decide which home remedy is best for him or her, can really get confused due to the wide variety of options available. There are herbal home remedies for constipation, Ayurvedic home remedies for constipation, and more!

For example: Chicory, licorice, fresh fruit and vegetables and lemon juice with a pinch of salt, diluted in water are not a part of some weird restaurant’s menu, but are all home remedies for constipation. Chicory functions as a laxative, and so does licorice. Another example of such a remedy is Ayurvedic abdominal massage.

Ayurvedic medicine offers many home remedies for constipation. Ayurvedic abdominal massage is one of them. It treats the abdominal muscles and can help in achieving bowel movement. And how is it done? Ayurvedic abdominal massage is performed using massage oil. Using the finger tips, you drip oil into the navel until it is full of it, then you spread the oil on the abdomen using round movements with the tips of your fingers. What almost all home remedies for constipation have in common is that they are simple to prepare and to use. That is why most doctors recommend many different kinds of home remedies for constipation before trying constipation medication.

These are just a few examples of the wide variety of home remedies for constipation. So, how does one choose? The answer is simple – trial and error is the best way. Do you like massage or can’t stand people touching your stomach? You’d be surprised to know how many people avoid physical touch in that area! Do you like vegetables or are juice drinks more your thing?

With home remedies for constipation, you can just try until you find what works best for you, since each of these remedies is a natural and healthy choice.