Constipation Relief Exercise

Constipation relief, in most cases, can be achieved using proper diet and a couple a small changes in your daily activities. Shiatsu massage, for example, is a very effective constipation relief exercise, and can bring almost immediate constipation relief. Try this technique, whenever you experience difficulty with bowel movement. It can be done sitting on the floor or on your bed, or even while you are in the restroom, in order to induce bowel movement. The reason this easy massage is likely to bring instant constipation relief, is that it prevents constiptaion and helps relieve constipation pain, by working with the flow of the food, helping it move through our body.
Please notice that this constipation relief massage is not recommended right after you’ve eaten.

Constipation Relief Massage

Step 1

Place your right hand fingers on your Solar Plexus, perpendicular to it, and place your left hand on the back of your right hand, as shown in the picture.

PICTURE 1 – First position of constipation relief massage

Step 2

Lean in to your fingers while taking a deep breath, then return to your upright position.

PICTURE 2 – Second position of constipation relief massage

Step 3

Think of your abdomen as a clock. Now, repeat the same lean forward every two hours, as marked in the picture. Do it in the direction of the clock.

PICTURE 3 – Third position of constipation relief massage

Step 4

After completing 12 leans, return to “12 o’clock” – the Solar Plexus. Split the distance between your Solar Plexus and you Navel into 3 thirds, then move your fingers straight down. Perform 2 leans, one at one third the distance from your solar plexus, and the other one at 2 thirds.

PICTURE 4 – lean 1/3 of the way to the navel

Step 5

Now split the distance between your navel and the “six hour”, and perform another 2 leans. One at one third the distance from your navel and one at 2 thirds the distance. Keep breathing deeply on every lean.

This exercise is effective and sometimes acts as an instant constipation relief. It is recommended to repeat the exercise 2 to 3 times every day, in order to maintain enduring constipation relief.

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