Constipation Pain

Constipation is either a symptom of an illness, or the illness itself. If constipation is only the symptom of physical illness, psychological illness, or the result of taking medication for other problems, then treating the illness should be the number one priority. When you experience constipation pain, it’s first important to understand the reason for the constipation. For example, when you experience constipation, pain killers might be the reason.

Constipation pain is one of the signs for constipation related illness. Other signs are hard stool; few bowel movements, nausea and/or vomiting. Constipation can cause different kinds of pains; the most common is abdominal pain. Sometimes abdominal pain that we think of as constipation pain is the first sign of a medical emergency. If you are experiencing intense abdominal pains, contact your doctor. The reason for the urgency is that constipation pain, in some cases, might be the only sign for the problem. One example for when you need to see a doctor immediately is when your constipation pain is in the lower left side of your stomach, and you are also experiencing fever, vomiting or chills. The cause for these symptoms could be Diverticulitis, a disease related to constipation on some occasions.

Another type of constipation pain is rectal pain. Rectal pain is usually linked to having what is referred to as “Fecal impaction”, which means the stool hardened to a degree it became solid and usually needs a medical procedure in order to remove. This type of constipation pain is more common with the elderly, and tends to develop when you have been lying down with no physical exercise for a long period of time.

Anal pain is another possible result of constipation. Anal pain is a constipation pain caused by tears around the anus, which are referred to as “Anal Fissures”. Usually anal constipation pain is the result of “trying too hard” to pass hard stool. Passing stool while having an anal fissure is painful. Usually the tear will heal on its own.

Another problem related to constipation pain is the creation of hemorrhoids, to which constipation can contribute. The existence of hemorrhoids can make the passing of hard stool particularly painful.

When experiencing constipation pain, it is more than important to know what kind of constipation medication is available.