Constipation Medicine

What is constipation? Constipation is having an irregular bowel movement that happens less than 3 times a week, or having difficulty to defecate.

What is medicine? Medicine is the science of how to diagnose, understand, and subsequently treat an illness.

Therefore, when discussing constipation medicine, the first and most important thing to do is determine if constipation is the illness or only a symptom for another illness. This distinction is important since it tells us what kind of constipation medicine to seek. As a rule, if constipation is the symptom, then using laxatives or any other constipation medicine will not bring the expected result. Dealing with the root cause is essential, especially when suffering from chronic constipation.

What kinds of constipation medicine are there?

Herbal constipation medicine, prescribed constipation medicine, natural home remedies and medical invasive treatments (such as enemas).

How do I decide what kind of constipation medicine is good to treat my condition?

There are a couple of general guidelines to choosing the appropriate constipation medicine: the severity of the constipation, its nature (chronic or acute) and past constipation medicine.  Treating constipation is always done by trying the natural constipation medicine first. As a first stage, a change of diet can prove to be an effective constipation medicine that will solve completely the problem. A diet high in fiber, with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit, brown rice and whole grains, can be exactly what the doctor ordered.  Regular exercise, abdominal massage and drinking a lot of liquids (such as orange and prune juice, warm water and herbal tea) are also different types of natural constipation medicine.  When natural constipation medicine won’t work, there are a couple of choices: Over the Counter constipation medicine or alternative medicine treatments.

Alternative medicine treatments, like biofeedback, acupressure, Swedish and shiatsu massages, are natural, usually free of side effects, constipation medicine. Most treatments are based on touch and stimulate the digestive system using meridians or pressure points. Biofeedback trains the muscles of the digestive system and allows for independent, regular bowel movement.

Over the counter constipation medicine is commonly used to achieve short term constipation relief. This type of constipation medicine includes several different treatments which vary in operation mechanism, in how long it takes for the constipation medicine to take effect, and in the treatments’ risks and side-effects.

The “last resort”, as far as constipation medicine goes, is prescribed constipation medicine, invasive treatments and medical procedures that are usually used when stool is hard and passing stool without manual assistance is impossible.