How to Find Your Constipation Cure

Looking for a constipation cure? People who suffer from chronic constipation often confuse constipation relief with constipation cure. Finding a constipation cure means forgetting you’ve once had it, while constipation remedies are meant to relieve a currently existing problem. Chinese medicine connects constipation to the mental inability of a person to digest things he is going through. It’s like having a mental blockage that expresses itself in the body. Constipation cure according to the chinese medicine will be achieved ONLY if we look at our body as a whole, and treat our body’s problem, and not just look for a quick constipation cure.

In order to find the most efficient constipation cure, the person suffering from it must first realize the cause for his condition. Is it the lack of nutritional food? The lack of exercise and fresh air? Or a hectic life style that doesn’t allow the time to go to the toilet, whenever you feel the need to? No matter what is the reason or reasons for this condition, a constipation cure can only be found after understanding the root of the problem.

Going through this list and answering its questions might make things more clear and will take you one step closer to finding constipation cure –

  • Not eating vegetables, fruits and whole grains?
  • Drinking a lot of coffee and soft drinks?
  • Not drinking water? Herbal tea?
  • Taking pain killers?
  • Ignoring the urge to go?
  • Have been taking laxatives for a long period of time?
  • Feel stressed on a daily basis?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, then you have made your first step to finding your constipation cure. The first step to the solution, it is said, is knowing the problem!
So, how do you find the right constipation cure for you? The answer will almost always be, make the necessary lifestyle change. Sometimes it’s simple things, like setting aside time every day, the same time of day, to have a bowel movement. Sometimes it’s adding different types of food to your menu. Sometimes finding a constipation cure is harder, if constipation is the result of another sickness. If that is the case, then looking at the root cause of the other sickness is the place to start:

  • Have any kind of neurological disorder?
  • Depressed?
  • Suffer from hypothyroidism?
  • Taking antacid medication?
  • Have an eating disorder?
  • Have Colon cancer?

All of these are illnesses that might result in constipation, and require not constipation cure, but treatment of the illness itself. Whatever the reason might be, there are many constipation remedies that can help relieve it, but knowing the reason is always the most important thing, so you can find the right constipation cure.